Silvia Vidal : queen of solo

The Piolets d’Or 2021 have just awarded a special mention to the Catalan climber Sílvia Vidal, in recognition of her “enormous contribution to the solo climbing of big walls over the past two decades”. From Alaska to Chilean Patagonia, via Pakistan, India, Spain and Mali, Sílvia Vidal’s commitment and stamina have shone through since she started climbing in 1995. Her expeditions can be counted as months spent alone carrying 150 kg of equipment on her back or at the end of a rope. Walking, climbing, hoisting, climbing and walking again: this is how Sílvia Vidal lives the adventure, on the most beautiful big walls in the world. Interview.

You just received a special mention from the Piolets d’Or 2021, that honors your commitment and your philosophy in mountaineering. What does it mean to you ?

Sílvia Vidal:  It has been a nice surprise. It’s recognition for the style of expeditions I do.

Speaking about commitment and philosophy, there are many different ways of considering commitment. What is yours ? How do you define the commitment in mountaineering ?

Sílvia Vidal:  I understand it as a way to be true to yourself when and although you endure a risky and tough activity.

You’re a master in soloing. You like to climb alone (but secure) and to spend days in big walls : as in 2020, when you spent 16 days walking through Chili and 33 days climbing Sincronia Magica (1 180 m, 6a+ A3+). When did you climb alone for the