Journalism and mountaineering share a common purpose,
they are both a means of exchanging with others.

That’s why you keep informed.
That’s why we inform you.

From the freedom that defines them, we have drawn our editorial line for a free and demanding
demanding mountain journalism.

For Alpine Mag exists where the rigors of journalism
meets that of the mountains.

We are convinced that, beyond points of view, opinions and imaginary
we believe that beyond points of view, opinions and imaginations, only facts and realities can accurately express what’s happening in the mountains.
That’s why, every day, we reveal and tell the facts and inspiring stories
inspiring stories that shape and bear witness to the issues surrounding the mountains
cultural, environmental and economic practices.

That’s not to say we don’t have opinions – quite the contrary,
It’s our trademark, which we cultivate in our editorials.
Sharing our views as journalists and mountaineers on what’s happening in the mountains,
is essential to us, as many things happen in the mountains
before they happen elsewhere.
Today, more than ever.

Staying informed means taking a different perspective.
It also means being inspired, dreaming and sharing in a different way.
Collectively and for a long time to come.

Alpine Mag.
To inform. To inspire.

Our team


Creator and co-editor of Alpine Mag, journalist, photographer and video maker.
Initially a journalist in the mountain press, he launched the Alpine adventure in 2017. A fervent defender of field journalism, he advocates a minimal amount of time spent in the office in favour of maximum time spent in the mountains, crampons, runnning shoes or skis on his feet. Trigger-happy, he juggles photos, videos and pens (yes, even for the web).
Overview of his articles on Alpine Mag.
Personal images to see on his website and his instagram.
Latest project: the film Limi
Currently shooting on  Nanga Parbat (Pakistan)


Co-editor of Alpine Mag, journalist, photographer and video maker.
For many years a journalist in the travel and mountain press, he has travelled to more than 50 countries on foot, skis, crampons and sometimes in a kayak. Always accompanied by his drone, he is the team’s aerial image expert and a specialist in the Himalayas, which he has crossed countless times.
Overview of his articles on Alpine Mag
Personal images to see on his website and instagram.
Latest project: Julia