Charles Dubouloz about his Grandes Jorasses’s solo ascent : “a huge personal achievement”

We spoke to Charles Dubouloz, as he is back from his bold solo ascent of Rolling Stones on the north face of the Grandes Jorasses. The French alpinist describes the harshness of the environment as “dangerous”, but for him this ascent is the fruit of years of experience in the high mountains. “Recovering” and “taking care of my home” is now the programme for the mountaineer. Interview with Charles Dubouloz.

Alpine Mag : How do you feel ?

Charles Dubouloz : I find it hard to believe. I hardly ate at all on the route, I hardly drank, I couldn’t swallow anything. And I’ve just had a sleepless night because we couldn’t get back from Italy because of the closed tunnel. But I’m doing surprisingly well! Probably euphoria, because it was a very important goal.

For how long did you have this idea ?

Rolling Stones has been on my mind for three years. For me it’s a mythical route in the massif, one of the longest in the Jorasses. It’s very steady, very adventurous. There is little information about the route, but we know that it’s not very good rock. There was a myth to beat.

It’s scary, for sure

Grandes Jorasses Walker Spur, the direct line of Rolling Stones ©Jocelyn Chavy

Did you have any fears before starting?

It’s scary, that’s for sure. I didn’t have much information, just the webcam from Montenvers which showed that the snow from the last storm hadn’t caught the rock too