Climbing video: Adam Ondra on the hardest route of the world?

It was an old project that the Czech climber looked at in 2013: Project Big, in Norway’s Flatanger cave, just seemed too futuristic to climb. “It has always seemed like the most improbable part of the cave, looking just too intimidating to be climbed“, explains Adam Ondra. “Bolting it and finding out that there were actually holds was just mind-blowing, yet I was still too intimidated actually to start trying it for many years!” Yet it was near this one that Adam Ondra did Silence, the world’s first 9c, after several seasons of effort. Last autumn, he put his hands back into Project Big with another ninth degree specialist, Jakob Schubert. For the time being the Flatanger reversal remains impossible… But is this the future first 10a on the climbing planet?