How much does Everest cost? More than you think

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Base camp from above. ©Climbing the Seven Summits

The holy grail of exploration may be climbed hundreds of times each year, but it is more fashionable than ever. For the vast majority of aspirants, Everest is above all a budgetary objective. Since the 1990s and the first commercial expeditions, the business has changed and is now alpha and omega of local and international agencies, which are all staffed by Nepalese teams. These same Nepalese have taken control of one of Nepal’s rare export products, which is sold all over the world: a ticket to the Roof of the World. Investigation.

The short answer to the question of how much it costs to climb Everest is “roughly between US$ 35,000 and $120,000 “. The long answer is far from simple and, in fact, we’re probably not even asking the right question.

As Everest 2022 spring season folds with a good number of summits, the usual crowding at the Hillary Step, the usually irrelevant record claims and, better-than-expected revenues, many ask exactly how much have paid, all those men and women smiling on a bump of snow full of colored flags, for their high-altitude getaway.

From the Ice fall. 

A very expensive holiday it is, indeed. But there are many shades of “pricey”. Most operators will not offer a single Everest fee, but a surprisingly wide range of prizes between US$ 35,000 and $120,000 – all for the same mountain up the same route. [NOTE: China is closed to foreigners for the third consecutive season, so all prices are