Ski-mountaineering: Kilian Jornet achieves the biggest day of his career in Romsdal (Norway)

©Kilian Jornet

Kilian Jornet says it himself: his sequence of 7 summits around Romsdal, in Norway, is “probably [his] most impressive day of skiing”. Understand: extraordinary. Judge for yourself: seven summits, that is 76.5 km and 9257 m. of ascent, all in 21h28. This is simply enormous, even for the Catalan prodigy, who lives in Romsdal. Here is the video of Kilian Jornet.

He knows the mountains of Romsdal, Norway, well. And for good reason, that’s where he lives with his partner Emelie Forsberg. Kilian Jornet has regularly made headlines by opening impressive lines on skis: because of their height and commitment, they are undoubtedly among the most impressive ski descents of recent years, at Fiva and Breitind. This is solo mountaineering, as Kilian told us in March.

On April 6, Kilian Jornet set out to ski the seven main peaks of the Romsdal Alps: Juratind (1,712 m), Store Vengetind (1,852 m), Kvandalstind, Romsdalshorn (1,550 m), Store Trolltind (1,788 m), Kongen (1,614 m) and Dronninga (1,544 m). These peaks are comparatively low in altitude to the Alps, but their starting point is often at zero altitude, that of the sea. In the end, the figures would make a hardened marathon runner dizzy: Kilian Jornet covered 76.5 km and 9,257 m of positive altitude difference in 21 hours and 28 minutes on skis or crampons. 

©Kilian Jornet / Strava

Kilian Jornet was accompanied on some sections of his link-up, but he was the only one to have covered the whole. He announced that the wind was part of the party, and added spice to this day XXL. Kilian Jornet also listed the equipment he used. Among other things, he was equipped with a pair of Moonlight skis in 79 (a Norwegian brand specializing in light skis), with two pairs of skins, on the boot side he had his Gignoux Black (cocorico!). On the technical side, a 60m 5mm rope and a screw carabiner to do some rappels.

In short, a minimalist kit for an outstanding performance. We hope that Kilian gave himself a day of rest after this ultra ski-mountaineering race, which would be the equivalent of doing the 4 stages of the Pierra Menta in less than 24 hours…