Ski test – Black Crows Orb Freebird

Our test

Size tested : 173 cm

The Black Crows Orb Freebird is an old friend, an award-winning freeride ski several times. The brand lists a slight gain in weight compared to the previous model and a Titanal plate to prevent the bindings from ripped off.

On the snow, we have all the top ingredients for a very versatile ski, comfortable in all areas of mountain skiing. Remember this ski weighs almost 1400g (weight of a ski without binding, size173 cm) so it’s a bit limited with regarding the elevation climbs. You could say the bindings are ultra-light and have lightweight boots too, but you need to think about the rigidity needed for pivoting this real ski for riding! Pressure on the boot tongue is recommended to work the flex in a classical manner on this developed ski.

The Black Crows Orb Freebird is a freeride product developed for downhill where it shows of its fluidity, on any snow conditions. You can (must) glide on the edge, with angulation, carving. Turn variations are achieved without needing technical prowess, although you do have to be clear about your balance and position on the skis. At any rate, you are immediately in the groove with this Black Crows Orb Freebird, you don’t need an instruction manual. It’s a sublime ride. The skidding turns, even crossways, and carving are easy, even immediate. Of course, it does have a little more inertia in the tip than a light touring ski but its rocker does the job.

In difficult snow, chop that knocks you about, the Black Crows Orb Freebird takes care of it, even if we would’ve preferred a waistline a little wider: you get used to comfort! But these passages are well negotiated, you have good stability for 90mm. Sequencing speeds can be fast. You can also as we said lengthen the turns in fields of powder. The Black Crows Orb Freebird has great energy, the complete opposite of an inert ski.

Its bright yellow color makes it easy to find in the snow and is brilliant where safety is concerned.

The Black Crows Orb Freebird still loves freeriding and thanks to its developed skiability the rider is always in control. It is a little heavy in the uphill. A real all-terrain ski.

Technical specifications

SIDECUTS : 126-90-111 / 173 cm WEIGHT (of a ski without binding) : 1375 g / 173 cm  RADIUS : 18 m (all sizes) ROCKER (front) : YES ROCKER (back) : LIGHT CAMBER : classic  AVAILABLE SIZES : 161 cm – 167 cm – 173 cm – 179 cm – 184 cm PRICE : 649,95€

  • Overall stability 90% 90%
  • Sequencing 80% 80%
  • Floatability 80% 80%
  • Sequencing on bumpy terrain 80% 80%
  • Difficult snow 80% 80%
  • Climbing ease 60% 60%
  • PISTE pivoting and curve initiation ease 80% 80%
  • PISTE carving 80% 80%
  • PISTE skidding turns 80% 80%

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The logistics and access to the snow were facilitated by the support of VaujanyOz-en-Oisans and Espace Montagne Grenoble. Thanks to them !