The North Face Summit L3 50/50 Down Jacket


Test conditions

Chilly departures on ski touring, ice climbing belays.


This jacket is amazing and at first glance, somewhere between a good old down jacket and a small warm jacket.The outer fabric seems particularly resistant, without the fragile aspect of some models.

In the field

This down jacket is indeed much more breathable than the usual models. Despite the generous filling (800 CUIN), the fact that we have alternated strips of down with strips of breathable fabric (24D, water-repellent) gives a surprisingly airy sensation, without feeling the cold.

Mathematically, you might think that the jacket is only half as warm because only every other strip is filled, but with its 800 CUIN, the down jacket remains very insulating. For an cold start on a ski tour, it does the job well and you won’t take it off at the first turn, sweating. No, the whole thing is well ventilated and the fabric is indeed amazing.

In terms of accessories, this The North Face L3 is made for mountaineering and ski touring. We find the essentials: large hood that can accommodate a helmet, large comfortable collar, pockets high enough not to interfere with the harness, large inside pockets to slip a pair of gloves and tighten the bottom of the down jacket.


Weight  504g medium size Garment Down Price : 520€


Amazing hybrid down jacket


Costly ?