Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard the Karakoram Airlines flight to Pakistan. This flight piloted by Antoine Girard and his many friends and emulators (Fabian Buhl, Julien Dusserre, François Ragolski…) will take you to the top of mountains of more than 7000 m in a day, formerly reached in several weeks after tedious approaches.

Captain Girard’s plan? To use the paraglider in the Himalayas like the cable car in the Alps to go for fun, mountaineering or skiing. This is the crazy idea of this group of seven friends who went together to Pakistan to perform combos in the Himalayas!

The plan is simple, the paraglider allows to reach the high mountains and from there, it only remains to have fun. It is also the way to acclimatize to the altitude to try to fly at more than 8000 meters and to try to beat the world record of altitude in paragliding.