Every mountain, every face: 8 stories, 6 countries, a single passion for skiing according to Rossignol

On every mountain, on every face, winter is an expression of pure joy. Here are eight stories, six countries, one love. From the Middle East to the Midwest to the Alps, when winter arrives, they all vibrate in unison with the same passion for skiing.

There have never been so many cultures crossing paths in the world as there are today. What’s even more astonishing is that for every aspect that differentiates us, there are many more that bring us closer together, like impatience for the arrival of a new winter season.

This is the very subject of the new short film, Every Mountain, Every Face, produced by Rossignol, which captures the eagerness to hit the snow-covered slopes in six countries as the winter season approaches, and then when it’s in full swing.From Japan to Canada, France to Lebanon, the Middle East to the Midwest, once the lifts start turning, we all emerge from our burrows and transform ourselves into mountain creatures.