First ski descent of Kangchenjunga for Bartek Ziemski, no-O2 summit for him and Oswald Pereira

No sherpa support. No bottled oxygen. A very big mountain, Kangchenjunga, the third-highest peak in the world, which everyone has given up trying to climb this season. No excuses for Oswald Pereira and Bartek Ziemski who summited May 27th. before Ziemski completed the first ski descent. Two weeks after completed a Makalu ski descent !

Oswald can be satisfied. « This is how history is made. On May 27th at 2:45 PM, we summited Kanchenjunga as the first and, so far, the only ones in the present season. Bartek also descended from this 3rd highest peak on Earth on skis, becoming the first person in history to do so. » wrote Oswald Pereira on his instagram account. 

The Kangchenjunga is undoubtedly one of the most difficult 8000m summits, and of course, at 8586 meters, it’s one of the highest, the third highest in the world. 

Ziemski and Pereira started their climb on May 23rd, going from Base Camp to Camp 2 (6200m). The next day, they slept in Camp 3 (6900m). They reached lower Camp 4 (7200m) on May 25th and spent the entire next day there. On the evening of the 26th, they found out that no one else was going for the summit and that the route was fixed up to 7500-7600m. Therefore, they decided to proceed without ropes. Starting from 7200m at 6:55 PM and, after climbing all night, they reached the highest point of Kanchenjunga 20 hours later. As Pereira said, the last 100 vertical