How much does Everest cost? Welcome VIPs

The Big E. business 2/2

Everest is expensive. And it’s getting more and more expensive. Agencies are trying to target the high-end clientele, charging more and more for services worthy of a hotel, such as individual rooms, WIFI, cappucinos… The Everest of the pioneers is far away. Base rate: 35,000 dollars… and up to eight times more. Continuation of our investigation on Everest business.

Everest has not waited for global inflation to drive up its prices. Here is our complete investigation into the juicy Everest business. As we saw in the first part of this investigation, outside of commercial expeditions, there is no salvation. Try to imagine it any way you like, but the fact is that on Everest today, you either go on a commercial expedition or you don’t.

The supply of oxygen bottles. ©Climbing the Seven Summits (CTSS)

The shoe-string option: 35,000 – 50,000 

While $ 35,000 is hardly a shoestring budget for anyone, that is the minimum investment required to climb Everest. Local outfitters always offer a basic pack including approach and base camp logistics and, sometimes, the fee agreed to pay for the fixed ropes.

This is a popular option for small teams on several 8,000’ers, but not so simple for Everest, which includes higher (and fixed) fees corresponding to the fixing and maintenance of the route across the Khumbu icefall, the rope-fixing team for the rest of the route, Sagarmatha National Park entrance, Liaison Officer fee and insurance, etc. Paperwork can be huge, and agencies are used to dealing