Millet Trilogy 15+ backpack

Getting started

At first glance, this Millet Trilogy 15+ bag is a strange object. Is it a trail bag with its large shoulder straps and helmet holders? Is it a mountaineering bag with its ice axe holders? Or a ski bag with ski racks?  Or is it a climbing bag with its small volume and its Dyneema fibre shell? A little bit of all of this at the same time in reality, and it works quite well. 

Use in climbing, in the traverse of the Grand Pic de Belledonne (France). ©Ulysse Lefebvre

Our opinion

We’ve all been dreaming for a long time of the all-purpose bag, light to go fast, well-equipped to accompany us in all practices and solid to last. One of the most successful of its kind that we tested in 2019 was the Scram bag, from Ultimate Direction. Today, french mountain brand Millet plays the ultra versatile bag card with this Trilogy 15+. I have to tell you right away that we were perplexed when we first picked it up. And let’s break the suspense as well: we were finally won over.

Unique carrying system

It is especially the large and ergonomic shoulder straps, like a trail bag, that we wondered about, and in particular the interest of a cable tightening system with a tightening buckle (rotary). In use, the carrying proves to be ultra precise and the straps bring back the bag extremely well against the back. Even when running, it does not move. The “Speed fit” tightening system is finally very practical and intuitive. It replaces the traditional buckle straps. The flap holders which are placed there reinforce the “fast” vocation of the bag which will seduce the most hurried of the mountaineers. Note that when climbing or mountaineering, the absence of ventral tightening avoids any discomfort with the harness, another advantage of these original straps.


As for the material, Dyneema is impressively strong against rocks when climbing and brambles when running. The stretch part is very well thought out and the 15 litres of the bag can be extended to much more, by judiciously “stuffing” the stuff, especially textiles. Beware, despite the apparent waterproofness of the whole, this bag will not withstand heavy downpours and will let water penetrate via the back.

Accessories and lightness

As far as accessories are concerned, the bag is equipped with the lightest available. The ice axe holders are practical and minimalist, the ski racks are tiny and removable, as is the thin cord for everything (rope, jacket or mattress holder). Inside, a space is dedicated to the water pocket and no frills come in the way of the main volume, except for a small pocket for keys and notes, also removable.


WEIGHT : 490g (450g without accessories) PRICE : €199,99 FABRICS Dyneema Cubben + Stretch Ripstop  TIGHTENING SYSTEM Speed Fit


Modern and ultra versatile bag
What esle ? 


We want the same in 30 liters!