CamelBak Zephyr Pro 12L

CamelBak no longer needs to make a reputation for itself: it is competent and even a pioneer in the field of sports hydration. With the Zephyr Pro 11L bag (+ 2 x 500ml Quick Stow flasks), Camelbak is back with this new women’s hydration bag with a millimeter setting.

Lightweight thanks to its very thin materials, the bag comes with a diagonal trail pole quiver on the back of the bag. You can easily grab the poles while running, and you can also easily unclip it if it’s not needed. On the back: a large zippered pocket and a large net. In the front: 2 flap pockets, 2 zippered pockets, a small pocket for keys. Nothing is missing. On the sides, Camelbak focused on adjustments rather than pockets. And why not! You can adjust your bag to the millimeter for your morphology and to prevent it from moving during the race.

Once worn and adjusted with the numerous straps, the bag doesn’t move a muscle. The two adjustable front straps and the two compression straps on each side of the vest allow it to conform to the body and be forgotten during the race. Even the Quick Stow flaps don’t bother us, they don’t hit or move and we can breathe without feeling compressed.

With 12L, we are ready for long rides, and the bag does not create any friction, an important point. Ventilation is provided by Camelbak’s own body mapping technology, and you can feel the comfort and stability provided by the S-shaped shoulder straps. 

The pockets offer enough room to store a thin jacket, water and some snacks just in case. The lightness of the bag is highly appreciable.


Lightweight and with enough pockets to store all the gear needed for long trail running trips, the Camelbak Zehpyr pro is notable for its high-end custom fit. The 12L of water available keeps us hydrated throughout our outings.


PRICE : 150€   CAPACITY : Back pocket 11L + 2 flasks 500ml.