No room for mistakes !

High-alpine MTB in the Dolomites with Tom Oehler

Mountain biking is on the rise, and trials athletes are having a field day when they accept a certain amount of commitment. Follow Austrian trials mountain biker, Tom Oehler, on his mission through the Dolomites, taking on the most exposed and extreme MTB trails he could find.

The tricky lines are the best” claims Thomas Oehler (read the full interview with Tom and see the spectacular photos of the Piz Boè descent here). Never has this been more true than in his new video, Tom Oehler rides the Dolomites, which sees the 37-year-old Austrian head to new heights in the Italian mountain range to discover challenging trails that put his two decades of experience to the test. 

I love all kinds of mountain biking, but alpine riding is my favourite field. I have a strong trials background so when I stepped forward to the mountain biking scene I knew that with my technique I could ride a lot of trails that would be challenging for other riders with a different background.”