Sierre-Zinal 2022: Kenya wins ahead of Kilian Jornet and the rest of the world

©GoldenTrailSeries | Sierre Zinal | Jordi Saragossa

Sierre-Zinal (Switzerland) just hosted the 4th round of the Golden Trail World Series (GTWS). On a mythical course, the spectacular circuit raised the stakes even higher: Kilian for a 10th title? Mathys and Jornet rewriting their records? But above all, this Kenyan delegation has been scrutinized since spring. Asphalt vs. trail, mountain vs. track, the 31km of “SZ” seemed to be the most favorable for the African commando. It was beyond any prediction. Report of a crazy race, this Saturday August 11, 2022, where everything changed with Mark Kangogo and Esther Chesang.

In 1974, the off-stage race was in its infancy when Jean-Claude Pont had an idea: to run from Zinal to Sierre. 31km and 2200+, after all, the old-timers were already running the Val d’Anniviers.

A handful of fanatics won the day and the mountain race found its pure chemistry. In 2022, more than 5000 registrants will wear their bibs – “tourist” or “runner” category: participant, choose your side. On the other hand, when Kilian comes down, you’ll be sure to pull over.

But in 48 editions, the trail has exploded and many things have changed. The Race of the Five Thousand has become a pillar of the GTWS (2018). Jornet has written-gummed-written; all athletes have tried it: marathoners, cross-country runners, fell-runners, skyrunners, trailers, cross-country runners, ski-mountaineers, orienteers…

But on Saturday August 11, 2022, these 48 years of mountain strides were reunited. Each one of them had his own style and the stakes were multiplied by ten. But