The high life : last summer in La Charpoua Hut (Mont-Blanc)

What’s it like running an over 100-year-old alpine refuge in the mountains near Chamonix, France, with two young children?

For Sarah Cartier, the hutkeeper at Le Refuge de la Charpoua and mama of two, it’s exactly what she needs it to be—a feeling of freedom that’s kept her coming back for eight summers and counting. Magnetic and mystical with its towering granite walls and alpine light, Charpoua is a refuge from the speed and sounds of the world below.

It’s a place to revel in cooking, cleaning, raising children, climbing and supporting visiting climbers, too—to breathe in the high life while the rest falls away.

Director: Pierre Cadot
Executive Production: Yucca Films
Original Music: Jonathan Labigne and Yann Chapelet – Zikali
Additional Music: Alton Ellis – True Born African