Ciao Denis Trento, Italian ski-mountaineering legend

The late Denis Trento (left) with his friend Filip Babicz (right), during Mont Blanc ascent.

The ski-mountaineering community has just lost a great enthusiast, mountain guide, trainer and former ski-mountaineering champion. Italian Denis Trento, 41, lost his life on May 3 on the north face of Testa del Paramont in the Aosta Valley, Italy.


Humble and strong : this was Denis Trento. The first part of his career was devoted to ski-mountaineering and major competitions, in Italy and throughout the Alps. As an athlete at the Esercito (Italian Army), Denis won the World Relay Championships in 2008 and 2011, and the Team Championships in 2011, as well as two victories at the European Championships. Ski-mountaineering championships, in 2007 in Relay and in 2009 in Team. In terms of major races, Denis won the Trophée Mezzalama in 2009 with Manfred Reichegger and Matteo Eydallin, the Rutor Tour in 2009 and 2011 again with Matteo Eydallin, the Adamello Ski Raid in 2008 with Martin Riz and Alain Seletto, and the Pierra Menta in 2009 with Matteo Eydallin. In 2012 he finished 2nd in the Pierra Menta, again with Matteo Eydallin.

After retiring from skimo racing, Denis Trento scoured the Mont Blanc massif. An excellent climber and trainer, he has several ascent records to his credit. In 2016, he set an FKT on the Rochefort-Jorasses ridge in a 9.5-hour loop from Torino Hut. With Roberto Antonioli, Denis Trento climbed the Innominata ridge in 6h10, from the valley to the summit of Mont Blanc.

Denis Trento (with Matteo Eydallin behind), 1st at Pierra Menta 2009. Mont Blanc in the background. ©Jocelyn Chavy

Denis Trento, 2nd at Pierra Menta 2012. Beaufortain, France. ©Jocelyn Chavy

Denis Trento was a member of the Esercito, the Italian army, Sezione Sport Invernali, winter sports section, like his friend Filip Babicz, a climber of Polish origin who became a naturalized Italian. Denis Trento climbed with him on several occasions, including in 2020, when the team climbed the central pillar of the Frêney (ED) to Mont Blanc 4810 m. in “one push”, a 22-hour round trip from the valley.

Filip Babicz has written a tribute to his climbing companion, which we publish here.

I will remember you this way my friend!
Always so strong, exaggeratedly humble and with this Your heart so simply good and sincere. 

24 hours ago you left, as you always did, for your skiing in the mountains. I just can’t believe what happened. You were a certainty, a point of reference, a pillar for me. You were simply there.

After so many of my ascents, the first person I would call was You. Right away, still from the summit, still before I caught my breath. You were at the same time very proud of me, Your compliments were so pleasantly sincere and at the same time a little concerned about the audacity of my climbs.

In fact your choices, your goals despite your very high level impossible to overestimate, were in my eyes always thoughtful, never risky, you were cautious, careful and responsible and all this while making Your extreme achievements.

You were and remain for me an example of how one can be a champion while remaining so insanely humble and how one can be so strong while remaining so purely empathetic.
I thank you for everything my friend.


Denis Trento leaves behind his wife and three children.
Our condolences to his family and friends.