First ski descent on Aiguille des Lacs by Paul Bonhomme

Steep skiing

It’s a new steep descent for Paul Bonhomme. Mountain guide by profession but a great lover of slopes and wild mountains, Paul Bonhomme skied the East face of the Aiguille des Lacs, a summit located in the Valpelline. For those who don’t know this magnificent valley, it is an Italian valley near Aosta, which allows you to climb the Dent d’Hérens, among other peaks.

Paul Bonhomme explained : “Opening a new line is useless. A line on a photo, a few traces quickly erased … but how many memories? And what line? Is it pretty? And is the mountain on which it was drawn also beautiful? Is it known or better: an unknown! Was it difficult? No, better: was it wild? … And the idea, where did the idea come from? Is it a premeditated line or is it spontaneous? Is it a self-interested line? Profitable? Profitable? Or free, yes totally free! … A line just because you saw it a few days before and it caught your eye … a line from the heart, a line from the gut. That’s how I like the mountain, no glory or interest, no ideas in the back of my head, no comm’ strategy, no. Just a vibrant mountain, not the athletic mountain … the mountain of the wide-eyed kid. “

Democralinea, 5.5/E4, 1200m, Aiguilles des Lacs, 3440m, Valpelline, Italy.