Ski test : Salomon MTN 95

Getting started

One more time! Salomon has renewed its MTN Explore 95: the 2022 ski is the same as the 2021, which apart from the topsheet was the same as in 2020. Wide rounded tip with progressive rocker, we feel its obvious appetite to make its mark in all terrain configurations and all types of snow, with a preference for soft snow. The dimensions tend towards a good widening in the heel and tip, which augurs a well parabolic ski, manageable and easy to release. Light, it is still as light as ever. It remains to be seen if the ski’s handling is up to compared to the competition, which has become sharper over the seasons. We tested it in two sizes, 177 and 184.

Our opinion

After testing the Scott Superguide 95, we didn’t think there was any serious competitor. At least not so quickly. The ride, or rather the piloting, of the Salomon MTN 95 is similar to the Superguide in that it erases absolutely all obstacles and gives an impression of impressive ease. On the slopes, the first turns come by themselves and you trigger, as expected, very easily. The long tip and a slightly lighter ski make the ski vibrate a little at high speed, but nothing that will bother the skier.

In all snow conditions, you can see the ski express itself fully. With a shape designed for freeride and big curves, we are surprised to feel the lightness under our feet. A lightness that does not compete with the stability of the ski: surprising and reassuring when it comes to flying the powder. A consistent weight is a great asset to swallow the slope in speed without being afraid, and if the MTN 95 remains a little below the cruising capacity of the Superguide, it has the advantage of being able to be skied as well in freeride mode and big curves as in tight and agile mode. The Salomon MTN 95 responds in all situations and remains a reliable companion everywhere, even in the mogul field, with a sympathetic heel that is very forgiving of approximations. As long as you have a minimum of space, you can spin and twirl around the obstacles before going full speed ahead in long, hard turns: the big curve is its kingdom.

A high performance ski to do everything all the time with everyone, even if the tip is a little too bulky: this ski likes to have space to express itself.

Technical specifications

SIDECUTS : 130 -95 – 116 / 177 cm WEIGHT (of a ski without binding) : 1400 g / 177cm  RADIUS : 17 m / 177 cm. AVAILABLE SIZES :  169 cm – 177 cm – 184 cm PRICE : 599€ 




Tip a little bit long