Why the greatest skimo race is Pierra Menta


the Pierra Menta race takes place in the Beaufortain massif, with an exceptional panorama on the Mont Blanc ©JC

The 36th edition of the Pierra Menta came to an end on Saturday. The crowd went up to the Col de la Forclaz and to the Antécime du Grand Mont in Beaufortain at 5am to encourage the riders. They will have covered more than 10,000m of vertical drop in four days. In this epic game the Italians Matteo Eydallin and Michele Boscacci won. Four days of effort, endless climbs, sharp ridges and descents where the legs burn. If there is a heart of ski-mountaineering, it beats very strongly in Arêches during these days. Check our portfolio of the greatest skimo race.

This 36th Pierra Menta finishes in the hands of the Italians Matteo Eydallin and Michele Boscacci, and the French-Swedish team Axelle Gachet-Mollaret Tove Alexandersson. Local riders Xavier Gachet and William Bon Mardion took the second step of the podium, while Jakob Herrmann and Kilian Jornet took the third place. Despite their talent, like Mathéo Jacquemoud and Samuel Equy who won two of the four stages, the French could not win against the Italian duo. The Pierra Menta is a celebration of ski-mountaineering that everyone, racers and spectators alike, have returned to with fervour after two almost blank years. A mythical race, smiles and tears, on the sparkling summits of the Beaufortain. Nowhere else does the heart of ski mountaineering beat so strongly.

Wednesday 9 March, on the sharp ridge of the Mirantin, one of the most beautiful summits of this 36th Pierra Menta. ©Jocelyn Chavy

Xavier Gachet and William Bon Mardion run like rockets on this 1st stage ©Jocelyn Chavy

If the Italians Boscacci and Eydallin are having a hard time of it on the first day, they will be a little more untouchable every day.©Jocelyn Chavy

The French-Swedish women’s team Axelle Gachet Mollaret Tove Alexandersson on the sharp alpine ridges. ©Jocelyn Chavy

Racing in front of the Mont Blanc massif. ©Jocelyn Chavy

©Rémi Fabrègue

Xavier Gachet and William Bon Mardion, still confident in the streets of Arêches at the beginning of the 2nd stage. ©JC

A popular event. ©JC

2nd stage ©Jocelyn Chavy

The swedish champion Tove Alexandersson. ©Jocelyn Chavy

The adrenalin of the start, at the infernal rhythm set by Michele Boscacci. ©Jocelyn Chavy

Xavier Gachet and William Bon Mardion on the Grand Mont ridge, 3rd stage, secured by a fixed rope. True ski-mountaineering.©Jocelyn Chavy

Kilian Jornet, moderato cantabile. ©Jocelyn Chavy

Martina Valmassoi. ©Jocelyn Chavy

Grand Mont summit, in front of Mont Blanc, Friday 11 March 2022. ©Jocelyn Chavy

Behind his partner Kilian Jornet, Jakob Hermann takes a look at the ridge he just climbed. ©Jocelyn Chavy

Last day. The crowd at col de la Forclaz.

Mathéo Jacquemoud won the last stage with Samuel Equy.

©Jocelyn Chavy

Samuel Equy.

The 36th Pierra Menta winners Michele Boscacci and Matteo Eydallin.


The women’s team that won the 36th edition, Swedish Tove Alexandersson and FrenchAxelle Gachet-Mollaret.