Ski touring with Majesty, from the Tatras to the Norwegian fjords

Do you know the Tatras? This remote mountain range in the far east of Europe is the birthplace of a fast-growing ski brand: Majesty Skis.
Majesty skis come from a tradition of ski touring and freerando ignored abroad, where the Alps are the focus of attention. If they were born there, it is this time in the Norwegian fjords that the Majesty ski team takes us. Beware, the desire to ski is guaranteed!

With their peaks reaching 2600m, the Polish Tatras are the garden of the skiers of this corner of Eastern Europe. One of them was not mistaken. Janusz Borowiec is an enthusiast and lover of the Tatra snow. In his quest to find the perfect ski, he created his own ski manufacturing company a little over 16 years ago. His name: Majesty.

A royal name for skis carefully designed and manufactured in Poland: “We operate on the principle of ‘think globally, act locally’. By producing in the country, we can continuously analyze production and work on prototypes at the same time. The ecological and social aspects are also important, as well as the fact that we contribute to the positive image of the country abroad. By producing in Poland, we reduce the transport of products from one place to another, which has an ecological impact. We know the origin of the components used in production, including the source of the wood used in the construction of our skis.”

One of the summits where the team will ski, seen from Harstad. ©Majesty

The Norwegian fjords are the scene
for the field tests of the new models


Sea to Summit

Was it his past as a pro wind-surfer that led Janusz Borowiec to set up his company’s headquarters in Gdynia, on the Baltic Sea coast? The official story doesn’t say. But when it comes to skiing, Majesty testers can count on the mountainous potential that opens up to them across the sea, just to the north, towards Sweden and especially Norway, where Majesty finds the powder necessary for the evolution of its DNA, increasingly turned towards ski touring and freerando. The Norwegian fjords are the scene of the field tests of the new models. Superscout Carbon, Superwolf Carbon and Supernova Carbon are the flagship models of this powerful Majesty range.



Last spring, with snow in short supply even in the Lofoten Islands, a team of Majesty skiers found some nice powdery slopes in the Harstad area. As is often the case, the weather is capricious and, like a little Patagonia, the four seasons can pass by in a single day, leaving you to put on a t-shirt or a waterproof jacket. Check out the great video clip that came out of it. 


Skiing (re)defined

Majesty’s ski engineers have always pursued a high standard of quality, true to their desire to rethink ski touring. Borowiec makes it clear: “For years, many ski tourers have sacrificed downhill performance for weight and ease of climbing. There is a perception that touring is different from traditional skiing, which is why some people have come to accept that the skis they use for touring are just a substitute for their everyday skis. On the other hand, some alpine skiers who are used to the performance level of their skis have tried touring and were surprised by the difference in behavior of the touring specific models. They were enthusiastic about this new practice but were not ready to accept that they had to sacrifice downhill performance. So we looked at the touring market in detail and re//defined it.

The four seasons in one day!




On the manufacturing side, the skis are developed and assembled by hand in the Polish factory. “This is an important issue because the manufacturing process of skis is not always well understood. Our skis are made by hand, using tools such as molds, hydraulic presses, CNC machines, edge benders, etc. The level of complexity of our products requires that the skis are assembled, machined and finished by hand in Poland. We use components used by the biggest brands in the market: poplar, ash, paulownia wood cores, glass fabrics of different weaves and weights, aramid fabrics, carbon and also titanal. It’s important to remember that the most important thing is the right combination of these materials, not just their presence in a particular product.” The Carbon line including the Supernova, Supercout and Superwolf incorporates the noble material to offer a lighter version of the more classic models. 

In terms of performance, the results are not long in coming and Majesty has won numerous awards with professional skiers in competition. In 2021, Polish skier Zuzanna Witych even finished 3rd in the Freeride World Tour with Majesty on her feet. Have you tried them yet? 

Superscout 85 Carbon 2023

Superwolf 91 Carbon 2023

Supernova 103 Carbon 2023