You can innovate once on 1000 details, you can refine an innovation 1000 times, but you can’t put together 1000 novelties 1000 times. Or close to it. In short: Arcteryx is taking the world of footwear to the top. The quintessence of materials, perfection of construction, design dedicated to use; it is impossible not to star this 2nd version of the Norvan SL. Ultra-competitive, it is a pure shoe (166 g). And yet, we still can’t believe it: unexpected grip and resilience. Cushioned? Not yet, sorry.


The Canadian company may claim it, but a tester is sceptical: the Norvan SL unfolds well under stress. It’s true that the lugs are very weak, but the Vibram Litebase rubber plays the game perfectly – except on greasy ground. Can excel on VK (dry, no water, thank you).


Given its extreme lightness and flexibility, the excellent grip is more than ever precious on stony ground, even very technical. With very little protection and near-zero cushioning, the warrior vocation of this Arcteryx is clear – just watch your footing while you understand.


WEIGHT 166 g size 42 EU (one shoe) PUBLIC PRICE : €150 DROP 7mm


Ultra light climber

Exceptional finish


No cushioning