An exclusive interview with Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra dans sa voie Silence, 9c, en Norvège. ©Pavel Blazek - Wikimedia Commons.

Adam Ondra needs no introduction. The 27 year old Czech climber is a living legend in the climbing world. His long list of accomplishments include the first 9c sport route, a second free ascent of the Dawn Wall and qualification for the Olympics in Tokyo. Adam Ondra embodies what it takes to become a successful all-round climber. We got to talk to Adam to discuss his motivation while the Olympics have been postponed, his views on climbing hard and his advice for climbers during lockdown.

How was lockdown for you ?

Adam Ondra : I found that it was difficult to train during the first weeks of lockdown. The fact that we hadn’t been told that the Olympics were to be postponed made it even harder to manage. However, I continued to train 5-6 hours per day as I normally do. I’m glad to fortunately have a little gym where I can train at home. In fact, all the gyms in my city were closed during lockdown. I spoke to a Spanish friend of mine who has been stuck in his apartment in Barcelona and hasn’t been able to train at all.

How do you feel about the Olympics being postponed ? *

Adam Ondra : At the start I thought that the Olympics getting pushed back would mean I would have to continue practicing speed climbing for another year, and let’s just say that I wasn’t too keen on that. Then, I thought about it, and saw it rather