Elisabeth Revol : Resilient

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©Ulysse Lefebvre

Elisabeth Revol dropped out of sight after promoting her book To Live (published in 2019), which recounts her winter ascent of Nanga Parbat and subsequent dramatic rescue by the Polish climbers Denis Urubko and Adam Bielecki in 2018. Revol’s climbing partner, Tomasz Mackievicz, didn’t make it down.

In May 2019, just before her book came out, she inadvertently caused a media storm when a sponsor inaccurately reported that she had climbed Everest and Lhotse without oxygen. At peace with herself, she took the time to explain what had happened in the pages of Alpine Mag.

This misunderstanding slightly tarnished what was still a truly impressive accomplishment. Nevertheless, she returned to the Himalayas in September of that year and claimed her 7th 8,000er when she reached Manaslu’s false summit. Is she thinking of trying to complete the list soon?

Age : 42 
Country : France