Netflix : Broad Peak trailer

This is a story as only the Himalayas can deliver. The Polish Maciej Berbeka belonged to the famous group of Ice Warriors, the Poles who aimed for the first winter climbs in the Himalayas. Berbeka was the author of the first winter ascent of Manaslu, on January 12, 1984, with Ryszard Gajewski and of Cho Oyu, on February 12, 1985, with Maciej Pawlikowski. During an attempt on K2 with Andrezj Zawada in 1988, Berbeka proposed to attempt Broad Peak rather than return empty-handed.

Berbeka ended up solo on what he thought was the summit of Broad Peak, but it was nothing of the sort: it was only the foresummit. After this cruel failure, literally obsessed with Broad Peak for decades, Berbeka dies in 2013 while descending from the summit with his teammate Tomasz Kowalski. The film is produced by Netflix, available since September 14.